Exactly who are we looking to become interns this summer?

Space is limited and interest is high, so we need to be very clear about our expectations.

We are NOT looking for people who want a summer job. The pay is not that much anyway. Instead we are looking for people who are open (or already committed) to become full-time real estate investors as a lifetime vocation. Also preference will be given to grads, seniors and then to juniors.

For the right people this is truly a “one-of-a-kind opportunity” to learn about real estate investing from the inside out. But please evaluate whether you are ready for this summer experience or not. (We will likely do it again next summer.)

Contact Information and the Interview

If you have any questions, or want to pursue an intern position this summer, email or call Bill Syrios.
Bill's contact information is —

Phone: (541) 221-4242
When you are ready for an an interview (see assignments below) contact Bill.

Yes, this is Gabe

Our goal is to complete all interviews by May 31st. Time, however, is of the essence and the sooner you a ready for your interview, the more likely you will be considered for an intern position.

Assignments to be Completed Before Your Interview

 Become thoroughly familiar with this website

Look at our Mission Statement and feel free to write any response or comments about it. You will be asked about it in your interview. Also look up and

 Read the Stewardship Investment Team Handbook and Give Us Your Thoughts

Click Here for a PDF of that Handbook (21 pages)

For some people real estate is a get quick rich scheme. For us it is a “get rich slow scheme” that requires a particular mindset and skill set. You probably see plenty of real estate gurus from late night infomercials. We’d like to also introduce you to the other side. Meet John Reed who could be accurately called “Mr. Real Estate Anti-Guru.” He represents a sobering perspective on the real estate business. Take a look at his informative website at

 Write an Essay of your “Life Resume,” consisting of the following:

• Your most important life experiences that have shaped who you are

• Your most important work experiences (could have been within your family)

• Your most important mentor(s) and how they have helped shape you in any area of life

• Why you’d like to be considered for this internship opportunity

• What you think you have to offer this summer’s team of interns

• Feel free to add any additional information that you think would help us to understand
   you and your goals for the future.

• What questions do you have for us?

 Meet with the Stewardship’s Investment Team for an interview


Before you come:

•  Email Bill   ( a
   copy of your Life Resume (in a Word
   attachment). Also, if you’d like, you can
   email him your “regular resume” too.

What to bring:

• Your notes/questions/comments on the
   websites, team handbook, etc. Feel free
   to come in casual business attire.  


Map to our office:

Stewardship Properties  •  1247 Villard St., Eugene, OR 97403  • 541-343-7070

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