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THE CLASS OF 2005… A LOOK BACK                          '05 Real Estate Investment Blog

Stewardship Properties hired ten college-age people for the 2005 summer internship. Through their diverse skills and backgrounds, they brought energy and talent to the inaugural program.  The group, from sophomores to seniors, included eight from U of O and two from Oregon State.

Standing—left to right:

  • Marques
  • Curtis
  • Jered
  • Andrea
  • Ryan
  • Bill (mentor)
  • Michael

Front row—left to right

  • Andrew
  • Morgan
  • Chris
  • Gabe

Below are some examples of what the interns of 2005 had to say about the program:

The We Buy Houses Truck—BEFORE         The We Buy Houses Truck —AFTER

I was not completely sure what to expect from this internship, but I definitely knew that it would be an interesting experience. I was intrigued when I read the job posting, because I could tell that this internship would be one of those experiences that was totally up to you to make something of it. Through out the internship, I learned a number of different techniques and strategies that apply to the real estate world.  More importantly, I was able to discover the depths of my entrepreneurial aptitude. This internship has presented me with new opportunities for my life and given me the tools to capitalize on them.    –Gabe    

This internship has been as exciting as it has been challenging. We were given a lot of freedom to learn and experiment, and this is exciting, but it is also fairly nerve-racking. Sometimes we have to do things that can feel uncomfortable, but that is a good thing because it makes you face up to your fear. I’ve learned a lot about myself and have become a better team member, leader and real estate investor because of this internship. It really has been a great experience.           –Andrew

This summer has been full of valuable “how to” lessons: how to be a successful investor, how to cultivate healthy relationships, how to build trust, and how to work with other motivated and passionate people.  Even though I wasn’t sure what I was going to gain out of this internship in the beginning, having an open mind and willing attitude has allowed me to benefit from an excellent opportunity and build a foundation for a successful career.                                                                         –Morgan

The Interns Help Purchase Properties

During the course of the 2005 summer, Stewardship Properties bought 10 properties in Lane County. The interns were directly responsible for five of them indicated with a * below.


• 3217 Onyx Place, Eugene*
• 25342 Moyer, Elmira*
• 25991 Marina, Veneta*
• 734 Mill St., Springfield*
• 77964 S. 6th, Cottage Grove*
• 233 C St. Springfield
• 1857/1859 W. 12th, Grant
     Alley (8 units), Eugene
• 3241 Pheasant, Springfield
• 1678 Mill St., Eugene
• 1974 Finch Lane, Eugene

The very first internship deal, 3217 Oynx Place, was an excellent find. Purchased for $130,000,
Stewardship oversaw a $70,000 remodel job. Later the property was appraised for $255,000.


July '05
Dec '05

The first deal I was involved with this last summer turned out to be one of our best. That deal made me realize how little some people care about getting the maximum price out of their house. In some situations they just want out within a certain time frame and that is all that matters. To make a lot of money in real estate, the most important thing is to get your name in front of people with that mind set.”     –Jered

Field Work

Every other day, interns worked in the field—in construction, maintenance, landscaping and management. They got involved with Stewardship’s experienced crews in order to gain an understanding of the “nuts and bolts” of real estate. Below are pictures of 2440 Alder Street in Eugene that the interns helped remodel last summer.

Fieldwork exposes you to the blue-collar aspect of real estate investing. The wide range of work experiences taught us about getting down and dirty and actually building some equity.  –Morgan

Office Work

When the interns were not laboring in the field or working with property management, they spent their time working in Stewardship’s office. The interns focused on an aggressive guerilla marketing campaign to potential sellers, attempting to bring the Stewardship message of “We Buy Houses” to the Willamette Valley in every conceivable, creative way possible.

Some of the task that came with marketing to potential sellers included designing and putting up fliers, writing and sending out letters and postcards as well as further developing Stewardship’s marketing plan. This was in addition to lead prospecting by looking through newspaper ads and different websites like the RMLS to find potential deals.  Interns were encouraged to find innovative ways to get out their message to any and all potential property sellers.

The interns also played an important role in property valuation and preliminary negotiations. Interns answered phone calls from potential sellers and gathered information while frequently traveling to view properties. They also used various methods to determine whether the property made sense as an investment. Interns were even asked to provide insight into Stewardship Properties business plans and strategy.

Working in the office was quite the experience. I, nor any of the other interns, had ever been given so much responsibility. It really pushed us as we decided what to do and how to do it. The lessons we learned were ones you only learn by actually doing it. You can’t learn this in a classroom.        

Other Special Projects

My most valuable experience, throughout the internship, was the knowledge that I was given through project management. I found myself being involved in all aspects of development; submitting plans to the county, negotiating with municipal utility providers, communicating with contractors, and carrying the project through the permit approval process.  I look forward to applying this new-found knowledge to my own real estate ventures in the future.    –Michael

Real Estate Education

Nothing was stressed to the 2005 internship class more than the importance of education. Whether listingto guest speakers, reading from Stewardship’s extensive real estate library of videos, CD’s, books, packets and other materials, or just taking advice from Bill, interns opened themselves up to a wealth of information that will help them further their real estate knowledge.

After spending the first week of the internship watching educational DVD’s, viewing properties, listening to speakers and having engaging discussions, interns were given virtual free reign to make as much out of the experience as possible.  In addition to each intern’s self-directed learning, every Friday Stewardship brought in speakers from different areas of real estate for their input and perspective.

Last year’s interns heard from industry leaders such as:

  • Gordan Gallic; Hard Money Lender, Gallic Financial
  • Chuck Shepard; Owner of Umbrella Properties
  • Allen Dejenault; Developer, Anslow and Dejenault
  • Jeff Lansden; Manager at First American Title
  • Desiree Moore; Broker at Keller-Williams
  • Dean Schmidt; Mortgage Broker and Developer
  • Chris Courtney; Residential Appraiser
  • Walt Bean; Real Estate Investor
  • Lisa Jacobson; Realtor, Houck & Associates
  • Lori Adeneji & Shelia Miller, Countrywide Mortgage
  • Bill Morris, Commerical Lender, Liberty Bank
  • Kent Vornaeff, Commerical Appraiser
  • Bob Smejkal, Real Estate & Business Attorney
  • George Riihimaki, Certified Public Accountant
  • Eric Messner, Insurance Agent, State Farm Ins.
  • Gayland Haas, Broker at Keller-Williams

Interns also visited several of their businesses, took part in simulated negotiations and were given the opportunity to discuss what they were doing and had learned in a group setting.

Stewardship offers a great blend of real estate, business and entrepreneurial education. Bill’s
expansive library of books, CD’s and DVD’s gave me a lot to take in over the summer. More importantly, professionals from the community came in weekly to offer their insight and experience. This internship program then allowed me to apply this knowledge to real people, real property and real life as we learned to follow leads from start to finish.    –Ryan

Oh Yeah, and there was one more thing—
Interns Travel to Vegas for a 5-Day Real Estate Convention

Early in the summer, Bill and the interns went to Las Vegas for Ron Legrand’s Customer Appreciation Celebration. At the event, many different real estate gurus came to share their knowledge (and not a few sales pitches!) about real estate investment. In addition to hearing the speakers, the experience helped the interns bond and created a team chemistry that might not otherwise have been achieved.

No such real estate investment event is planned for the summer of 2006 but we hope to find a seminar or workshop to go together on as a group.

Our trip to Vegas was great.
Not only did we learn a lot
from the seminars, but we
also got to know each other
a lot better. We really
became a team in Vegas.   

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