Mondays & Tuesdays—you will work with Stewardship’s Investment Team, assisting with marketing projects to find motivated sellers, evaluating properties for sale, and, hopefully, negotiating with sellers to purchase property. Interns will focus on getting our new Salem office established.


Wednesdays & Thursdays—you will work with Stewardship’s Construction, Management and Maintenance Teams, assisting our property managers, carpenters, maintenance staff, and landscapers to learn the “nuts and bolts” of real estate.


Some Fridays you will be listening to tapes, hearing from professionals in various areas of real estate, and discussing actual ongoing deals in order to grow our skills as investors. See Class of ’05 for a list of example real estate professionals that will speak to us.


Interns will be paid $8 per hour. They may take up to two weeks unpaid break off during the summer for family vacations, etc. as long as you let us know their plans ahead of time.


Approx. $500 for room, board and transportation to go to the 2-day Real Estate event in San Francisco. An educational fee of $200 will also be charged to help build Stewardship's library of real estate books, audios, and DVDs for our use during the summer and beyond.

To see San Francisco Real Estate Expo:

Summer Internship Dates

June 19 — Monday evening barbecue at the Syrios’ to get us going (6 pm, 2110 E. 17th Ave.)

June 20 — Internship begins (Tuesday)

July 3-4 — Off work

July 5 — Back to work!

August 24-28 — Real Estate Expo in San Francisco

September 15 — Internship ends

September 25— U of O / OSU classes begin

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